Hi! I'm Olof.

I build modern, stylish and user friendly web sites fully costumized for the client's needs.

Client case

The owner of a local pub needed a new web site. What he required was a site that looks equally good on a mobile phone, a tablet, as well as a desktop computer.

He also wanted to be able to log in by himself and make changes to the food menu, opening hours and so on.

I started by designing a layout that is easy to navigate, and proceeded by making the site adapt to whatever device the visitor uses.


After logging in it's easy to modify opening hours, add and change dishes in the menu and more.


Get in touch

Right now I'm looking for a position as a junior developer at a company that focuses on modern web technologies such as React.js. If you think I would be a good fit please contact me here or via LinkedIn.

Also let me know if you are the owner of a small business and need a new web page. Write a couple of lines about your requirements and I'll get back to you shortly.